A growing number of people are choosing Science Based Nutrition (SBN) blood tests instead of traditional blood tests.

What’s the difference between a Science Based Nutrition blood test and an ordinary blood test? Why are SBN blood tests surging in popularity?

Today, we’re highlighting some of the pros and cons of Science Based Nutrition blood tests – including some of the unique insight available with a Science Based Nutrition blood test.

Traditional Blood Tests Use “Normal Ranges” – and That’s a Problem

Taking Blood Test SampleOrdinary blood tests compare your bloodwork to something called a normal range.

Understandably, people assume a normal range is “normal” – you assume the lab compares your blood to everyone else, helping you compare yourself against the average person.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case with traditional blood tests.

The problem lies in how labs determine normal ranges.

To create a normal range, the lab takes the results of 200 people recently tested with that lab. It tests your biomarkers against this group, then determines if you’re normal.

If these 200 people are healthy and normal, then great! You’re comparing yourself to a good sample size.

Unfortunately, these 200 people can be anyone. Some will be sick. Others will be Olympic athletes with world-class immune systems. Many people get blood tests because they feel something is wrong – which can skew the normal range.

Overall, it does not make sense to compare your blood test results to people who are already experiencing symptoms of a condition. Instead, it makes sense to compare your blood to a normal or healthy population – which is how Science Based Nutrition works.

Science Based Nutrition Compares your Blood to a Healthy or Optimal Population of People Similar to You

Being considered “normal” compared to a sample of 200 people isn’t a good thing. That’s why Science Based Nutrition compares your blood to a different sample.

By comparing your blood to a different group, Science Based Nutrition tells you the “Healthy” and “Optimal” range of your bloodwork.

Instead of comparing yourself to people who are younger or older than you or sicker or healthier than you, you can compare yourself to a more representative sample size. Science Based Nutrition compares your blood to people who are similar to you.

That’s the Science Based Nutrition blood test difference – and it leads to better actionable recommendations.

What You’ll Learn on a Science Based Nutrition Blood Test

With a traditional blood test, the lab sends results to your doctor, and your doctor calls you to say everything is fine.

With a Science Based Nutrition blood test, you get detailed insight into your health and wellness, the best steps to take to optimize your health and wellness, and actionable strategies you can start implementing today to improve.

Some of the things covered in a Science Based Nutrition blood test include:

Individualized Supplement Recommendations: Why does a 125-pound elderly woman have the same recommended supplement serving size as an 18-year old, 250 pound bodybuilder? A Science Based Nutrition blood test can reveal individualized supplement recommendations, allowing you to customize dosage based on your unique needs, age, sex, and weight.

Early Detection & Avoidance: A Science Based Nutrition blood test can spot problems in your blood before you have symptoms, potentially allowing you to get a head start on avoiding a problem. By spotting a condition early, it’s easier to deal with the condition.

Individualized Dietary Recommendations: One person’s dietary needs are considerably different from someone else’s. Unfortunately, when you read dietary information online, it’s catered to everyone – not specifically to you. A Science Based Nutrition blood test can deliver individualized dietary recommendations to help you better understand the best foods to eat.

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