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Helping you achieve optimal health

So you can reach your fullest potential in life

Our Story

Science Nutrition Lab was founded by leading chiropractor Dr. Jason Jumper. Backed by 20+ years operating Renew Chiropractic, his flagship practice in Denver, Dr. Jumper has worked with patients around the world to provide actionable solutions for optimal health.

Dr. Jumper wants each patient to reach their fullest potential in life. To do that, Dr. Jumper teaches patients how to maintain better health now, helping them to prevent diseases in the future.

With 15+ years of providing patients with nutritional support, Dr. Jumper founded Science Nutrition Lab based on the following principles:

Today, Science Nutrition Lab is passionate about providing patients with the best, most science-backed health recommendations. We do this for the living – not just for a living.

Our Mission

Our mission has always been to teach people how to maintain better health now and prevent diseases in the future. Our team is focused on being the best we can be for our patient’s benefit.

We keep our knowledge and education up to date and our clinical and office procedures crisp and consistent. Plus, our philosophy permeates everything we do with a loving, enthusiastic, and passionate attitude.

We continually strive for improvement, growth, and success. Our goal is to be an example for others to follow because of our professionalism, ethics, and high moral standards.

How We Work

Research shows there are four essentials to life and health:

These elements are essential for optimum health potential. We build patient care around these pillars.

The Importance of Blood Testing

The benefits of blood testing include confidence in confronting difficult cases, diseases, and conditions.

The risks of not blood testing include missed disease, missed diagnosis and most important, a missed opportunity to save or change someone’s life.

We want to reach as many people as possible through patient education. Each patient we reach can educate friends, family, and associates. Teamwork is key.

Our Promise to Patients

It’s a great honor and responsibility when a patient comes to us.

We accept cases based on our ability to correct a patient’s problems and their commitment to getting it fixed.

We will not order one test or recommend one vitamin more than necessary.

Neither will we shirk away from our duty to tell the truth and make recommendations to help patients achieve their goals in health. For without health, how can one fulfill their optimum potential or purpose in life?

Dr. Jason Jumper
Meet Dr. Jason Jumper

Science Nutrition Lab is led by Dr. Jason Jumper, a leading Denver chiropractor. While medical doctors focus on treating disease, Dr. Jumper focuses on restoring health. Dr. Jumper helps patients get healthy naturally, using his decades of experience to recommend evidence-based solutions you can implement today. Dr. Jumper has extensive training in Chiropractic Biophysics Adjusting, 3-D Imaging, Physiotherapy, Orthomolecular Medicine, Science Based Nutrition, Applied Kinesiology, Pettibon System, 20/20 Digital Imaging, Motion Palpation, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, and Orthopedics.

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