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Isn’t Now the Time To Get Healthier?

Achieve optimal health through nutrition testing & your very own personalized wellness plan.

Discover crucial health insights, even before symptoms appear

Science Nutrition Lab provides the leading science-backed blood and nutrition testing to provide you with the most accurate results. Our science based nutrition and blood testing utilizes a foundational blood panel that compares your blood to an optimal range based on age and gender, providing you with customized health solutions.

Traditional blood tests often don’t provide the results needed for optimal health – comparing your blood to the last 100 to 200 people who visited. Our science-backed blood and nutrition tests utilize cutting edge technology and data to compare results to optimal ranges. We also provide home testing kits for urine, hair and other tests to further investigate and address additional underlying health concerns.

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Get the expertise you deserve to address your health concerns

With over 15 years of experience in providing nutrition testing, Science Nutrition Lab has helped clients reach and maintain optimal health through cutting edge diagnostics and strategic nutrition counseling.

Testing with Science Nutrition Lab addresses a variety of symptoms and conditions, such as:

  • Icon Chronic Fatigue Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Icon Brain Fog Brain Fog & Cognitive Function
  • Icon IBS & IBD IBS & IBD
  • Icon Food Allergies Food Allergies
  • Icon Hormone Imbalances Hormone Imbalances
  • Icon Migraine Headaches & Nutrition Migraine Headaches & Nutrition
  • Icon Candidiasis & Yeast Candidiasis & Yeast
  • Icon Gastrointestinal Reflux Gastrointestinal Reflux
  • Icon Anxiety & Depression Anxiety & Depression

Our process is simple

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Complete our quick, free online quiz. Answer basic questions about your health, lifestyle, and goals. Tell us about health concerns you want to address using our foundational blood panel and nutrition testing.

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Schedule a zoom consultation. Dr. Jumper reviews your information during a brief chat, and helps you create a personalized testing plan to address you situation and concerns. Then, we mail lab testing kits to your home, and provide a lab requisition form for the foundational blood panel so you can visit a local certified lab at your convenience.

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Dr. Jumper will perform an in depth analysis of your labs and review your nutrition test results with you. Uncover crucial insight into your health, along with proven, natural solutions.
See a sample report here.

You deserve to be happy and healthy

Our goal is simple: to help all patients reach optimal health using science-backed solutions. We diagnose the problem with a consultation and blood test. Then, we solve the problem by recommending actionable strategies. Targeting micronutrient deficiencies can help you live a better life. You deserve it.

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Here’s what our happy clients have to say.
  • Science Nutrition Lab has always been my number one for getting nutritional care. After moving across the country, I haven’t found anyone who compares. They were the only ones I wanted to go to when I needed to take prenatals. They’ve supplied quality supplements and shipped them in a timely manner. LOVE THEM!

    Five Star Review— Lauryn P
  • Dr J, is amazing at what he does. He took my blood work and came up with a nutritional and supplement plan, to help with high cholesterol, thyroid, and liver issues. After the first 7-day fresh start I felt amazing and still feel fantastic! My anxiety is way better than it was, my energy is amazing and I am sleeping like a princess, the added weight loss is another amazing perk! If you are on the fence about using Dr J’s services I am hear to tell you to DO IT, you won’t be disappointed!

    Five Star Review— Kasey
  • Dr. Jumper’s insight for kindness and passion to help others is unrivaled. He listens carefully and works quickly to solve the problem. I believe if it wasn’t for Dr. Jumper, my youngest son would still be sick, dealing with problems that Dr. Jumper was quickly able to remedy and solve. His recommendation with blood work and supplements has been greatly beneficial to everyone in our family. We HIGHLY recommend them to anyone.

    Five Star Review— Tasha
  • The best Nutritional service I have ever received! I like how detailed, well priced everything is , how respectful and professional Dr. Jumper and Vickie are. I always share the advice they give me and recommended them to anyone who asks. They have helped me out so much and it is always good to know I contact them for a consultation when something feels off.

    Five Star Review— Damaris S
  • After going to numerous doctors to figure out why I was feeling so bad and being told “everything looks good”, I finally found Dr. Jumper. After he reviewed my blood work, he found that I had low blood sugar, parasites, anemia and heavy metals wreaking havoc, along with a number of other things. I am only 25 and was having trouble getting through my day with very little energy. After following a plan that was formulated for me, I am happy to say I feel great with tons of energy! I am active and finally feeling 25 again! Couldn’t recommend enough!

    Five Star Review— Abbey H
  • I started the Science Nutrition program because once Dr Jumper had my spine stable, I still had some complications. By doing hair, blood, and urine panels we discovered I was experiencing metal and mercury toxicity! I could have died by now if we didn’t make the necessary plans from the labs received when we did! I have not only done these labs once, but twice. Once in 2018 and maintained well. Recently I redid labs because my blood pressure was high, and these labs pinpoint the issue so you can start your recovery plan! I think doing these labs every few years is beneficial because of the everyday toxins in our foods, water, and air amongst other things. Even if I eat as clean as I can we still get some toxins that affect our everyday being and health. If anyone ever wants to talk about this program with me I am totally open for discussion! Just let Dr J and Vickie know and they know my email! This has been a blessing for me and I will promote this till the end of my days!

    Five Star Review— Robyn M
  • Dr. Jumper was able to notice my energy levels were low. We had my blood work checked and he put me on B-Instrinstic which made my energy levels soar! I haven’t felt this good in years.

    Five Star Review— Terry A
  • This is great. Dr Jumper explains all the tests I had done.
    He recommends things that can help with my highs and lows. I never knew your hair could tell you so much.
    I thought twice about doing this but am really glad I did.
    Now I can take this with me to my internal doctor to get optimal care from both.

    Five Star Review— Peggy P
  • Dr. Jumper is truly one-of-a-kind. I found him after years of not feeling well and doctors never finding a solution. I was told that it was all anxiety. I knew my body well enough to know that something else was wrong and Dr. Jumper listened to me with patience and compassion. We ran a series of tests including hair, blood, heavy metals, and more to get a holistic view of how my body was doing. A custom program of diet and supplements was created and significantly improved my health. Every session, I brought numerous questions because I really wanted to understand how each component contributed to my health. He is a wealth of knowledge and I have learned how to listen to my body better. At times, I had questions that I felt embarrassed to ask but I was always met with kindness, openness, and without awkwardness. I appreciate Dr. Jumper and Vickie so much!

    Five Star Review— Caitlin Z
  • I have been seeing Dr Jumper for almost a year now, and I can say I never felt so good in my entire life, and I am currently 5 1/2 months pregnant. I have struggled with bad health and constant exhaustion for most of my life as well as lots of pain in my neck, shoulders, and back. I am so grateful I did the Science based nutrition and made very good progress with fixing my spine and neck before getting pregnant because I know that is the reason why I have had so little complications with the pregnancy and have felt so amazing. It is such a blessing to be able to take bloodwork during the pregnancy to make sure I ( and the baby) have taking everything I need, it has been the best investment I have ever made and I could not be more grateful or thrilled. I don’t struggle to get out of bed at 9am anymore, I am out at 5:45am every morning and feel great the whole day. All thanks to Dr. Jumper and his incredible services.

    Five Star Review— Leandra R
  • Dr. Jumper and his team are the only ones that have ever been able to get me into remission from Ulcerative Colitis in nearly 10 years without medication, and for longer than 6 weeks. I’ve been seeing the team for nearly 2 years now and I couldn’t be more grateful for the results. They are not instant, and sometimes we’ve had to modify things. But as long as you trust the system, it does start to work. My overall quality of life is better, I feel better, I can think clearer, and we are able to maintain everything that we’ve established thus far and work and making longer impacts rather than always on damage control. I am so grateful to their work, and their commitment to me being healthy. I’ve seen a LOT of doctors in the 10 years since I was diagnosed. Dr Jumper is the only one who has looked at the whole picture. THANK YOU

    Five Star Review— Jacalyn F
Dr. Jason Jumper
Meet Dr. Jason Jumper

Science Nutrition Lab is led by Dr. Jason Jumper, a leading Denver chiropractor. While medical doctors focus on treating disease, Dr. Jumper focuses on restoring health. Dr. Jumper helps patients get healthy naturally, using his decades of experience to recommend evidence-based solutions you can implement today. Dr. Jumper has extensive training in Chiropractic Biophysics Adjusting, 3-D Imaging, Physiotherapy, Orthomolecular Medicine, Science Based Nutrition, Applied Kinesiology, Pettibon System, 20/20 Digital Imaging, Motion Palpation, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, and Orthopedics.

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